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Assault and battery are crimes of violence that carry serious penalties, including jail time. You need an attorney who is determined to fight for you and who has the experience and knowledge to raise an effective defense. At The Jamindar Law Firm, I represent clients in assault and battery cases in Key West and throughout Monroe County. I consider all remedies appropriate given the facts of your case as I seek the best possible outcome.

Knowledgeable counselor understands assault and battery charges

Under Florida law, assault and battery are separate crimes but they are often charged together. Here is a brief overview of these offenses:

  • Assault — The law defines this crime as an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another. A person can commit simple assault a second-degree misdemeanor without even touching the victim.
  • Aggravated assault — An assault becomes aggravated when committed with a deadly weapon or with an intent to commit a felony. Virtually any object that can do more damage than your fist fits the definition of a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault is charged as a third-degree felony.
  • Battery — This crime is committed when someone actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against their will or intentionally causes bodily harm to another person. Simple battery can occur without physical harm to the victim. Battery according to this definition is a first-degree misdemeanor but can be charged as a third-degree felony if the accused has a prior conviction for a battery crime.
  • Aggravated battery — The offense is aggravated when committed intentionally or knowingly and resulting in great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement. Battery is also aggravated when committed deliberately with a deadly weapon or against a victim who the assailant knew or should have known was pregnant at the time. Aggravated battery is charged as a second-degree felony.

Assault and battery crimes are subject to enhancements when committed against a police officer or another protected class of victim. If committed against a federal officer engaged in official duties, the crimes are federal offenses. Assaults and batteries of a sexual nature are treated as sex crimes and certain assaults are considered domestic violence.

Tested trial lawyer handles a wide range of assault and battery cases

Assaults and batteries can occur for a variety of reasons. Some arise spontaneously from altercations while others result from long-simmering disputes. In many cases, self-defense, defense of an innocent third party or other justifications may be raised by the defendant. I thoroughly investigate the facts and the background of the case to formulate a defensive strategy and then act decisively to implement it.

Skilled defense lawyer works to reduce battery and assault charges

Assault and battery cases are fact-sensitive and typically involve conflicting versions of events. The state may unfairly charge you even when there is a good-faith explanation that the alleged victim’s account was unreliable or exaggerated. Even though the facts are against my client, I pursue positive outcomes such as a reduction in charges and a lenient sentence or probation.

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The Jamindar Law Firm in Key West offers a determined defense to clients accused of assault and battery in Monroe County, Florida. To schedule a free initial consultation, call me at 305-204-6869 or contact me online. My office is located at 422 Fleming Street on the edge of the Key West Historical District.